Aquarium Filters

Fish tanks, aquariums and ponds require water quality of a high level to ensure a healthy and safe environment for aquatic life. If the water isn’t filtered, chemicals are present that pose a risk to animals’ lives. Some chemicals can also result in yellowing of the water, meaning visibility is affected too.

Jacobi supply activated carbon from the AquaSorb™ range to manufacturers of aquarium filters. This activated carbon product can remove:

  • Organics, in particular, decomposed organics
  • Tannins
  • Colours
  • Residual chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Toxic substances

Jacobi offers dedicated products to make operations using activated carbon easy and safe, with a neutralised pH level and low phosphate content to minimise algae growth in the tanks.




Specialised activated carbon product designed for a wide range of water treatment duties. Products in this range are compliant with international standards, including NSF, EN and AWWA. Moreover, they also meet the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex. This ensures a high standard of performance in potable, process and waste water applications.


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