Cabin Air Filters


Cabin Air Filters

Jacobi supplies activated carbon to manufacturers of cabin air filters. These filters are found in cars and are used to clean air which makes its way into the car from the outside. Our high quality activated carbons help to purify the air by removing unwanted odours and various other unpleasant/harmful substances that can cause strain on the lungs.

Our carbon products can help manufacturers comply with the strict cabin air quality requirements. We have a long history of working with cabin air filter suppliers and our carbon experts know the sector well, meaning we can advise on, as well as supply, the best carbon for your needs.

Cabin air filters are part of the ventilation system of a vehicle, placed in the outside-air intake for the passenger compartment, in front of the air conditioning system. Typically, cars have a filter medium (non-woven), with an activated carbon layer. It is used to clean the air, which is sucked directly from outside/the road and then transported into the car interior by ventilation or air conditioning. Our carbons can be used to help the filter remove various impurities, from unpleasant smells to gases that can irritate the lungs.


  • Excellent performance on N-Butane capacity
  • Removes organic compounds at low concentrations
  • ISO 11155-2 test assistance for n-Butane, SO2, NH3 and Aldehyde
  • Handles specific gases including SO2 and ozone
  • High activity level – adsorption capacity


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