About Activated Carbons

Activated Carbons have many different uses from filtration to purification and beyond. Here we take a look at some of those applications across the many markets our carbon products are used in and explain how they work, follow the feed for regular updates on all things Carbon.

Corrosion Prevention

Solutions using activated carbon for systems susceptible to corrosion Activated carbon can be used in corrosion prevention to help protect systems and piping from corrosive chemical species. Often these chemicals are small, in organics in nature and as such can be problematic for physical adsorption by activated carbon. This is done by using impregnated grades…


Cyanotoxin Removal from Drinking Water

The issue of cyanotoxins in drinking water, while not new, has increased in visibility and importance over the last few years.  Jacobi offers a variety of products in our AquaSorb™ family of carbons to help water utilities deal with this challenge.

Taste & Odour Reduction

In recent years, the intensity and frequency of taste and odour problems in drinking water have increased throughout the world. Beyond the aesthetic problem for the consumer, this also invariably creates uncertainties about the quality and safety of water.  The compounds responsible for taste and odour problems can have an anthropogenic (industrial or municipal discharges)…

Taste & Odour Removal
Air Filtration

Air Filter Applications Involving Activated Carbon

Air filters are designed to remove unwanted compounds from the air we breathe. Whether the desire for removal is aesthetic (odour reduction), health-based, or process-driven, there are numerous activated carbon products that will fit this application.



Chloramines are increasingly recognised as a viable alternative to traditional chlorine compounds to provide a sterilising effect in potable water. However, the inadvertent formation of chloramines can cause significant concern when appropriate measures are not in place to manage their deleterious effects.