Jacobi Carbons, Inc. (USA)

Columbus, Ohio, is the centre of excellence for our Americas operations, with advanced refining operations for activated carbons. Resizing, classification and impregnation facilites, as well as the location of one of the groups Application Technology Centres, Columbus is a fast-growing member of the Jacobi Group of companies.

Jacobi Carbons GmbH

Germany is the base of our central and eastern European operations for activated carbon supply; ion exchange treatment; reactivation and mobile filter unit services. A dedicated site close to Berlin has been serving activated carbon customers for more than 50 years.

Jacobi Carbons Lanka (PTY) Limited

Jacobi’s first coconut shell carbon manufacturing plant, opened in 2006, the operation in Nattandiya, Sri Lanka has continually grown and developed capabilities to meet our customer requirements. This operation has multiple skill-sets and conducts many of the added value processes necessary to provide our clients with the high performance materials they demand.

Jacobi Carbons Vietnam LLC

Opened in 2011, our Vietnam operations was conceived by PICA who was acquired in the same year. A highly motivated workforce, with a clear mission to excel, our Vietnam factory focusses on activated carbons for the precious metal and tobacco industries.

Jacobi Carbons India PVT Limited

Our first factory in India based in Coimbatore, this facility specialises in high activity coconut based carbons, and products specifically engineered for precious metal recovery.

Jacobi Carbons (Nova) India

Jacobi’s factory in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu is a specialised facility for coconut based carbon, manufacturing product for Supercapacitors and high purity condensate treatment products.

Jacobi Carbons Philippines Inc.

The largest coconut shell based activated carbon factory in the world, came on stream in 2016. With advanced kiln technology, and high efficiency ancillary processing, this facility is the most modern in the world.

Jacobi – The Carbon Revolution – (EU Version)

Jacobi has caused a revolution in the activated carbon industry. In this video we focus on the EMEA business unit and how we meet and exceed customer requirements. With a partnership approach to customer service, Jacobi provides not only premium products, but a high level of customer satisfaction. Regeneration of spent carbons, and the use of mobile filter solutions are a key element of our activities in the EMEA region.