Activated Carbon For Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage

Food and beverage production are some of the most strictly regulated industries. It’s vital that public health is a producer’s top priority and that any potentially dangerous impurities or contaminants are removed. Using activated carbon is an excellent option to not only remove toxic contaminants, but to alter taste, colours and odours too. Our activated carbon products are also widely used for water purification by beverage producers who use can use only the very purest water in their processes.

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  • Removes unwanted colours, tastes and odours
  • Eliminates toxic contaminants
  • Purifies water to the highest level for beverage production
  • Reliable and economic solution
  • Helps ensure compliance with food industry regulations and standards
Edible Oil Purification

Edible Oil

Activated carbon is commonly used in edible oil purification for both:

  • Colour modification
  • Toxic contaminants removal (PAH – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Dioxines and PCB – Polychlorinated Bipheny)

Our powdered activated carbons provide industry leading performance in this application.

Using activated carbon for brewing and bottling

Brewing, Bottling and Soft Drinks

To ensure that water quality meets the demands of the beverage industry and food standards, water used to produce beer, bottled water and soft drinks is generally treated with activated carbon. Our carbon products can remove various contaminants, unwanted compounds, tastes and odours.

Activated carbon for frequently used in concentrated fruit juice production

Fruit Juice

Activated carbon is frequently used in concentrated fruit juice production. It is effective at removing patulin, a highly regulated organic compound often found in apples and other fruits. It can also be used to make colour modifications and remove odours.

Activated carbon for removal of unwanted byproducts from sweeteners


Jacobi offers several activated carbon products which are effective at removing unwanted byproducts from various sweeteners. Our products are also used for decolourisation purposes.

Activated carbon for citric acid purification

Citric Acid

Jacobi offers various carbon products for the purification of citric acid and removing unwanted colour compounds. Use of activated carbons can help citric acid producers meet their high food quality standards and industry regulations.

Activated carbon for MSG removal

Lactic Acid, Gelatin, Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

Activated carbons are commonly used in the production of the thickener gelatin, and the preservatives lactic acid and mono sodium glutamate (also known widely as MSG). Jacobi supplies high quality activated carbon products in granular and powdered form for decolourisation, deodorisation and organics removal.

Activated carbon for ideal natural additive colourant for pigmentation

Colouring Additive

Activated carbon serves as an ideal natural additive colourant for pigmentation used in the manufacture of confectionary (in particular, liquorice) cheese and cosmetics.

Activated carbon for glycerine purification


Activated carbon serves multiple needs for glycerine purification, including stabilisation and ageing control of the final product, and the removal of unwanted colours and byproducts.

Activated carbon used in wine and vinegar production

Wine and Vinegar

Activated carbon products are used in the wine and vinegar production industries to modify colour, remove unwanted odours and remove contaminants. Our activated carbons are effective solutions, helping producers to ensure they comply with strict industry regulations.


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