Activated Carbon For Water Treatments


Water Treatment

Without water, there would be no life at all. Each and every living being on our planet needs water to survive. It’s our most precious resource. People will always need clean and safe water to consume and industries will always need specially treated water for manufacturing. Activated carbon is one of the most effective ways to improve water quality. Its use varies from small scale domestic use, for example in filter jugs, to treating water in municipal plants on a huge scale.

The service we provide is full and comprehensive from start to finish. Some of our customers have unique problems and our activated carbon experts can design a custom solution in these cases. As well as the supplying the activated carbon, we also provide loading and unloading, neutralisation, reactivation/recycling, mobile filters rental and laboratory services such as isotherm testing and analytical follow-up of the saturation level throughout the carbon’s life. Whilst you are a Jacobi customer, you’ll have easy access to technical support from our experts too.


  • Ensures stringent water regulations are met
  • Safe elimination of liquid effluents
  • Remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater
  • High quality standards for all process and ultra-pure water
  • Ensures swimming pools are safe to be used
  • Makes aquariums or ponds safe for fish and other aquatic creatures
  • A full, hassle-free and money saving end-to-end service
Using Activated Carbon For Drinking Water Purification

Drinking Water Purification

Activated carbon plays a vital role in the process of providing safe and healthy drinking water. The driver for treatment could be aesthetic, regulatory or due to a new obstacle or challenge. Regardless of their needs, Jacobi helps municipalities all around the world to provide the highest drinking water quality. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performing, specialist products and services with full support for operators from our carbon experts.

Using Activated Carbon For Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment involves using activated carbon to remove micropollutants and impurities from all wastewater produced in towns and cities. This includes leftover water from domestic life (from kitchens, sinks, baths, gardens and toilets) and rainwater from rooftops and pavements. This water can contain organic contaminants and man-made chemicals which could have a detrimental effect on the environment and wildlife as well as posing a health risk to humans. Activated carbon can be used to treat the water and make it safe to re-enter the environment again.

Using Activated Carbon For Industrial Wastewater Treatments

Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

All industries generate wastewaters and typically these wastewaters contain a cocktail of different dissolved contaminants, some that are potentially toxic. The contaminants vary depending on their specific industry or activity. Sometimes this water is recycled back into the manufacturing process, but it is also often returned to the environment into surface water (rivers, lakes or wetlands). Before this can be done it is essential that the toxins and contaminants are removed and the water is made safe for its next purpose.

Using Activated Carbon For Landfill Leachate

Landfill Leachate

Landfill leachate is liquid that has passed through landfill sites. This water tends to contain both suspended matter (matter that is visible to the naked eye) and contaminants that have dissolved into the water. The contaminants within the water depend on the type of landfill: industrial, commercial or mixed. Regardless of what type of contaminants are found in the leachate, it is dangerous to discharge it without treatment to remove or reduce them.

Soil Remediation Using Activated Carbon

Soil Remediation

Soil remediation is required when soil has become contaminated with man-made chemicals. This can happen for several reasons but is often a result of industrial or agricultural activities. If the land is used without being treated first, these contaminants can have dangerous consequences for human health. Activated carbon can remove or reduce the contaminants to safe levels.

Activated Carbon For Manufacturers Of Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Filters

Filtering water in aquariums, ponds and fish tanks is vital for creating a safe environment for aquatic creatures to live in. Without proper filtering, chemicals are present that are harmful to aquatic life and the water quality will significantly decrease. Jacobi supply activated carbon to manufacturers of aquarium filters.

Activated Carbon For Manufacturers Of Swimming Pool Filters

Swimming Pool Filters

When people swim in pools, they absorb a lot of the water and so it’s essential that chemical and contaminant levels are as low as possible. Water is also sometimes accidentally ingested – another important reason to keep contaminants low. Jacobi works with manufacturers of swimming pool filters to ensure pools are safe for public use.

Using Activated Carbon For Ultra Pure Water

Process Water and Ultra-pure Water

Process water and ultra-pure water are waters that have been treated or purified to meet stringent specifications. These types of water are used in manufacturing across many industries and are not for drinking. Different industries and processes have different specifications and requirements. Jacobi’s technical experts can advise on what grade of activated carbon will help you achieve the best results in your specific situation.


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