Activated Carbon For Manufacturers Of Protective Equipment


Personal & Collective Protection

In some occupations, people come face to face with incredibly dangerous chemicals. In these situations, for example, in warfare or in nuclear operations, it is essential that people are protected from breathing in these chemicals. Generally, personal protection comes in two forms: filters inside respirator masks and filters that sit within the airflow of a building. The masks provide protection against chemical agents in various situations including military, industrial and nuclear operations. The air filters provide protection against airborne chemicals within the home and public or commercial inside spaces. Jacobi supplies carbon to manufacturers who produce both kinds.


  • NIOSH, CEN, HSE and OSHA compliant
  • Different particle sizes available to meet pressure drop requirements
  • Chromium-free grades
  • High flexibility and availability due to multiple production plants
  • High hardness for a low dust formation
  • Different grades to meet the requirements of diverse standards
Activated Carbon For Devices In Industrial Settings


Industrial workers must be protected from chemical, biological and radiological materials, as health effects due to toxic industrial chemicals become regulated. Jacobi offers a variety of speciality carbons for first responders, industrial workers and collective protection devices (used in vehicles, control rooms and other industrial settings).

Activated Carbon For Personal and Collective Protection

Personal and Collective Protection

Activated carbon is the principal means of protection against chemical warfare agents in civilian applications. Jacobi provides numerous specially impregnated grades in full compliance with current civil defence regulations, all predicated on chromium-free formulations. Applications include individual respirator devices and collective protection systems for vehicles and shelters.

Activated Carbon For Nuclear Applications

Nuclear Applications

Since the inception of nuclear power, activated carbon has served as the most common means of providing respiratory protection against radioactive iodine compounds or other toxic gases.


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