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At Jacobi our aim is to become the most sustainable supplier in the industry. We put our all into our sustainability programmes and do everything we can to have a positive impact on our planet and environment. Our processes are refined so that we make use of any surplus energy, we invest in local communities across the globe, we support our employees in all aspects of their lives, and we make it easy for our customers to recycle their used carbon through us too. You can read more about our various sustainability projects below, perhaps start by watching the below video to find out about how we came to be on this journey.


Without our people there would be no Jacobi Group. Our people are without doubt our most important asset and so we continually invest our time, money and efforts into keeping them safe at work, helping them to progress in both career and home life, and encouraging a healthy work:life balance.


As a large organisation, it’s critical that we think about how our operations could affect our planet. We put in measures to make sure it’s always easy for our employees to make the best choices for the environment and refine our processes to make them as sustainable as we can.


At Jacobi we look at all steps of our production and reactivation processes to ensure they’re as environmentally sensitive as possible. We’re continually researching new renewable materials and developing our processes to make them even more sustainable.

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EcoGreen Furnace

The EcoGreen Furnace

As a huge, global organisation, Jacobi must take its effects on the planet very seriously. We have been working on our sustainability goals behind the scenes for some years now. So that we could lessen the effects of our operations on the environment (after all, we only have one planet and once chance at keeping…

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World Water Day - Jacobi Carbons Philippines Inc.

World Water Day

Here at Jacobi we frequently speak about the importance and significance of water. Not only do we need it to cook, to wash and to grow food, we’re made of it too. The human body is estimated to be up to 78% water. Put simply, water is absolutely vital for every single known form of life.

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Brand New Electric Forklift

Switching from Diesel to Electric

Back in 2016 Jacobi Carbons France became the first in the Jacobi Carbons group to remove all diesel forklift trucks, replacing the entire fleet with eight electric ones.

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Sustainability and CSR

This booklet maps out the various different aspects of how Jacobi operates as a sustainable company. Click below to read stories around how we handle safety in our plants, how we work with our people day to day and some of the work we do in the communities around our facilities. There are also some examples of technical innovations that we have made as a group. Sit back, relax and enjoy our interactive digital brochure.

Jacobi Corporate Sustainability and CSR Compliance

Here at Jacobi we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. This document helps explain some of our policies around these matters and contains details on some of the legistlation and guidance we follow as a company to ensure compliance at the highest level.

Jacobi Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Policy

Whilst it is essential as a company that we ensure the highest compliance we don’t stop there. Our corporate policy is designed to ensure that we go above and beyond in every aspect of our business.This policy seeks to ensure the welfare, safety and well-being of our people, the strict standards and quality of our products and of course that we handle our environmental impact in the best possible way, always.