Activated Carbon For Use In The Pharmaceutical Industry


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The growth of the pharmaceutical industry and development of new products is at an unprecedented high. With these new developments come fresh challenges and stringent regulations. Activated carbon is an effective way to tackle problems during manufacturing and meet these regulations. With extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies, Jacobi not only supplies carbon, but can also advise on the most suitable products for each client’s needs.

As well as providing carbon for use in the manufacturing of products, we also provide carbon to be used as an ingredient in human and veterinary medicines.


  • Superior colour removal properties
  • Suitable for use in medicines for both humans and animals
  • High adsorption performance in pharmaceutical purification and refining
  • Helps manufacturers adhere to industry regulations
Activated Carbon For Use In The Medicinal Industry


Carbon’s natural origin means that it’s a widely used antitoxin in medicine. Activated carbon is used in remedies for a wide range of problems, from alleviating the effects of poisoning on the body to more minor issues, such as lessening digestive problems.

Activated Carbon For The Veterinary Industry


In veterinary medicine, activated carbon is used in the same way as in human medicine, to adsorb undesirable and potentially harmful substances from the animal’s gastrointestinal tract. It’s also often added to animal feed to improve digestion.

Activated Carbon For The Pharmaceutical Industry


In pharmaceutical manufacturing, purity is key. Using activated carbon is an effective way to remove various unwanted impurities without modifying any chemicals. Manufacturers in this industry must ensure high levels of purity and exceptional precision, which Jacobi can provide with our activated carbon products.


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