Activated carbons for tobacco



Smoking tobacco is widely popular across the world. Users tend to have preferences in relation to tastes and odour. These can be altered using activated carbon within the smoking device itself, usually this is in the filter tips. Jacobi Carbons supplies activated carbon products to tobacco companies and toll manufacturers which is then incorporated into the device to suit their customers’ choices. Our carbons both meet and exceed industry requirements for performance and cleanliness.


  • High durability, low dust activated carbons
  • Low magnetics content resulting in reduced knife wear
  • Humidified activated carbon to maintain moisture equilibrium in tobacco rod
  • Closely defined particle size ranges to suit cavity and Dalmatian filling techniques
  • Smooth flavour and taste modification from highly microporous pore structure
  • Versatile adsorbent of smoke components present in the Hoffmann analytes list
Activated Carbon For Combined Media Filter Tips

Combined Media Filter Tips

Combined media filter tips, also known as Dalmatian filters, mix activated carbon with cellulose acetate fibres.

Activated Carbon For Cavity Filter Manufacturers

Cavity Filters

Some filters are filled with activated carbon (rather than combining with cellulose acetate). This is a less common type of filter than Dalmatian filters.

Other uses during tobacco activated carbon

Other Uses

Activated carbon is also used in small, porous capsules that can be inserted into other smoking devices, such as pipes and holders to perform much the same function as incorporation into filter tips of cigarettes.

The transportation and storage of tobacco is necessary from grower to market and, as a natural product, often requires the application of preservatives and pesticides. These are removed prior to processing at the conversion facility and the control of emission to the environment of these chemicals is effectively managed using activated carbon filtration devices.

Similarly, where cigarette smoking is permitted inside buildings, increasingly the use of ‘smoker rooms’ in airports, restaurants and other public spaces incorporate activated carbon filtration into treatment devices. The rapid increase in the effectiveness and success of home air filtration is also generated by the desire to remove tobacco smoke in the home and office.


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