Potable Water Treatment Using Activated Carbon


Home Water Filters

We supply high quality activated carbon to manufacturers of both point of use and point of entry water filter systems. Activated carbon and Actitex can remove a variety of pollutants that may be present in potable water supplied from the waterworks. Chlorine, for example, is used as a disinfection agent during network supply and results in an offensive odour and taste. This can be effectively removed with activated carbon, as well as by-products from disinfection, including trihalomethanes which are linked with serious health effects.

In a world where concern over the pollution of water sources is increasing, our activated carbon often provides the last line of defence in the treatment of potable water for consumers across the world. With an ability to remove pesticides, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceutical micro-pollutants, Jacobi’s products provide reassurance in an uncertain world.

Our coal based activated carbons are recognised as industry leaders, with our AquaSorb™ grade being among one of only a few materials to be compliant with CA Proposition 65 requirements for heavy metal leaching.


  • Wide range of activated carbons and ion exchange resins to suit varying water qualities
  • Own quality control and high quality standards
  • Our own new and modern production sites
  • NSF Standard compliances
  • EN12915 compliance
Activated Carbon For Point of Entry, Whole House Systems

Point of Entry – Whole House Systems

Point of entry (or POE) filters mean that the user has one system only, rather than having filters on all water outlets. Jacobi can provide carbon that will purify water by removing unwanted tastes or odours, removing pesticides and micropollutants as well as removing chlorine and chlorine compounds.

Activated Carbon For Point of Use Water Filters

Point of Use Filters

The most common point of use (or POU) filters are those used in filter jugs, however, these filters can also be found in modern coffee machines and commercial drinks dispensers. The activated carbon within these filters remove impurities in water that is to be consumed, rather than all water coming into the building. Our carbon products can remove unwanted odours or tastes, chlorine and chlorine compounds, micropollutants and pesticides. We can provide each grade as a silverised activated version.


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