Since 1993, the 22nd of March has been World Water Day. Water is one of the most precious and important resources on the planet and is vital for life. Our bodies are made mostly of water, without water no plants could live, in fact, every single thing we use requires water in a certain phase of life or development. With human activities threatening the quality and purity of water, we must prioritise taking care of our water.

Protecting water is a large part of what we do here at Jacobi. We have solutions to help increase water purity with products that can remove new emerging pollutants (like PFAS, PFOS, pesticides and herbicides byproducts, halogenated compounds, metolachlors etc) and heavy metals (arsenic, mercury etc).

As part of our mission to become more sustainable, Jacobi marks World Water Day by working with coastal clean ups and tree-planting activities. Read more here.