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International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women’s achievements, to raise awareness against bias and to take action for equality. In our efforts to become more sustainable, we have separated our goals and actions into three categories: People, Product and Planet

As part of our People goals, we continually support the women who work at Jacobi and those living in the surrounding communities – we believe this is one of our key responsibilities. On an even wider scale, this fits in with working towards meeting the relevant United Nations Sustainability goals in our operations. One of which is Gender Equality: achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Diversity is incredibly important to us at Jacobi. We hire based on people’s skills and their desire to help Jacobi’s customers, rather than gender (or race, sexual orientation, religion or age too). We continue to ensure that our employees are treated equally regardless of gender and have an anti-discrimination policy which shows our employees what is and isn’t acceptable, and how firmly we believe in this.

As a global company, the ways in which we achieve equality and promote women’s rights differ from country to country. In some of the countries that Jacobi operates in, women’s rights are not a priority and, therefore, we must go further to ensure women are treated equally.

Historically, production tends to attract male staff and so we hold International Women’s Day celebrations in the countries where we produce carbon, to celebrate and recognise the achievements and contributions of our female employees. We also work to promote women’s rights and equality within surrounding communities too. For example, we recently facilitated a huge donation of hockey equipment for a children’s hockey club where girls play alongside boys. It’s important to us that the girls in the area are given the same opportunities as the boys are.

Elsewhere in the company, in countries where women’s rights are generally widely promoted, we support women with policies that promote a good work-life balance. For example, our flexible working options mean that our employees are often able to adjust their working hours to suit their family life.

We will continue to support women and promote women’s rights at Jacobi as long as we are in operation. On International Women’s Day, we’d like to take the opportunity to recognise the tremendous contribution of our female staff to the success of the Jacobi Group. We would not be where we are today without their skills, hard work, vision, ideas, and leadership.