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In July the Sri Lankan division of Jacobi Carbons (JCL), celebrated its 15th birthday with a special event for all staff and Jacobi management.

At Jacobi, ensuring our people are safe is our first number one priority and in 2020 that means taking precautions to protect against Covid-19 as well. Guests, who were JCL employees, were all socially distancing throughout.


JCL Celebrations - Socially Distanced

We set out chairs far apart and made sure everyone was wearing face masks too. To keep the number of people attending low, top management joined the event virtually, giving presentations and thanks from their own homes via webcams.

JCL Celebrations - Management dialled in.

Management - Virtually attending!

It was important to us to mark this occasion to show our people how grateful we are to them for their hard work and efforts that have made, and continue to make, JCL a successful operation. As part of our mission to become the most sustainable supplier in our industry, we have a whole category of goals dedicated to our people. Without our people, Jacobi couldn’t function and so it is vital to us that our people know that they and their work are always appreciated. It’s also important to us that our people feel that working for Jacobi isn’t simply about the work – we want to give it purpose and make being a Jacobi employee a balanced and fun experience too. Events like this one are all part of giving our employees that rounded experience.


JCL Celebration Cake

We celebrated with a three tier cake (cut individually and with gloved hands). The cake was beautifully decorated in Jacobi’s hallmark orange with the United Nations Sustainability Goal icons dotted around the sides. Another nod to our commitment to our own sustainable practices and our determination to make the world a better place.

Individual Cakes Being Gifted

JCL Family Cakes

Special thank you cakes were presented to certain employees and sent home with them. It’s important to Jacobi to involve our people’s families in these types of events and this way we not only showed our thanks to our employees, but also made sure their families could be included in a safe way from their homes.

Jacobi Family - Enjoying some well earned cake.

JCL Celebrates 15 years!Proud Jacobi PeopleProud Jacobi People


The past 15 years of JCL have involved hard work from our people at all levels and we’d like to say a huge thank you again for everybody’s efforts. Support, dedication, commitment and a positive attitude from our people is what makes JCL the success it is today. Here’s to the next 15 years!

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