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As a world-leading producer and supplier of activated carbon, ion exchange resins and mobile filtration units, we will invest in the construction of a new logistics and recycling centre.

The new multimillion Euro project follows the success of Jacobi’s existing site in Vierzon, France, as well as a global increase in awareness of environmental issues. The carbon footprint of recycling saturated activated carbon is 80% lower than that of creating virgin activated carbon.

Based in central France, the new facility will process several thousand tons of activated carbon providing ample capacity for the European market. The site will further solidify the existing logistics, transport, and subcontractor network that currently support Jacobi Group across the Europe region, with a vision to grow collectively over the coming decades.

The project is split into two phases, the first being the expansion of the current mobile filter unit handling centre effective 2023. As a result, saturated activated carbon from various applications, notably biogas with high sulphur loading, will be recycled and reused in the industry. This also aligns with our group initiative to ‘GO GREEN’ by focusing on our services, products and applications that hold a more positive environmental impact than traditional alternatives, this plant is a clear step forward on our journey.

Following this expansion, a second phase is envisaged to be constructed within a short time frame to offer Jacobi’s customers an even wider range of services and boost our industrial reactivation capacity to 10,000 tons/year output.

With this investment, Jacobi is making it easier for customers to make the most sustainable choice. Doing well, by doing good.

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