Terpene Removal from Biogas

Terpenes are a large and diverse class of organic compounds produced by a variety of plants, for example, citrus and conifers, that typically have a strong odour.

Terpenes are one of the unwanted impurities in the biomethane production process and must be removed prior to injecting into the grid because they create a number of issues, including:

  • Corroding gaskets and plastic piping (PE).
  • Masking the odour component (THT) that is added to the biomethane for leakage detection.

Terpenes are normally only targeted when the biogas is used to produce biomethane. When the biogas is used to produce electricity then the terpenes are an energy source.




The removal of terpenes is achieved in filters from the EcoFlow™ range, and are usually installed after the dryers in the biogas purification process.

Jacobi Services has a full range of mobile filters for flow rates between 75 and 4,000 m³/h biogas per filter. Our wide range of rental EcoFlow™ filters are offered via the local sales offices, avoiding international transport.



Auxiliary equipment and additional services

In addition to mobile filters and different media, Jacobi Services also offers various items of auxiliary equipment and additional services for hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) removal from biogas, including:

  • Selection of the type and number of EcoFlow™ filters. The selection depends on the flowrate and the estimated annual activated carbon consumption.
  • A series of removable insulation jackets to prevent condensation of water and to keep the relative humidity within an acceptable range for EcoFlow™ mobile filters.
  • The capabilities of the Jacobi France laboratory for externally accredited self-ignition testing of virgin or spent activated carbon.

Recycling and reactivation

Depending on the region and the composition of the spent carbon, different recycling or disposal routes are possible.


Activated carbon

The EcoSorb™ GX-series of activated carbons are advised for terpene removal from biogas. It is not recommended to mix the terpene removal product with a hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) removal product because it is difficult or impossible to establish the volume ratios that are needed.


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