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During the current global COVID-19 Pandemic, we at Jacobi Carbons play a vital role in the provision of essential products to a whole range of industries that serve the population with critical needs. Activated carbon is our lifeblood, but it is also necessary to provide clean water, food, pharmaceuticals, and to protect people from airborne pollution. We manufacture a vital component, ingredient and processing aid, the supply of which is essential during this difficult time.  Below are a brief number of highly sensitive and critical applications and highlight the key role that activated carbon plays in the provision of these essential goods and services:


Drinking Water Treatment

Throughout the world activated carbon, in both granular and powdered types performs a key role in the final treatment step of municipal drinking water, from both groundwater and surface water sources. Primarily used for taste and odour correction, it has applications in protection of drinking water supplies from the presence of toxic chemicals, pesticides and of more recent concern, the presence of pharmaceutical residues. Without the use of activated carbon many potential sources of drinking water would be unusable.


Process Water Treatment

Activated carbon is widely used within the power generation sector to clean and treat recycled condensate from boilers used in steam turbine duties. Without the use of activated carbon, the recycling condensate would cause rapid degradation within the boilers and irreversible damage to other water treatment processes, such as metals removal by ion exchange resin or reverse osmosis membranes.


Home Water Filtration/ Beverage Production

Often the use of certain water treatment chemicals, for example chlorine, will result in an off taste or a potential health risk to residential water usage. Individuals, families, and beverage producers alike will often use their own water treatment device containing activated carbon to purify the mains water supply to their own satisfaction. Activated carbon with its unique and versatile capability to reduce contamination is an intrinsic part of these water treatment devices. Continued supply of beverages that are safe to drink is paramount at times of emergency to supplement the consumption of drinking water where a clean water supply is not always guaranteed.


Respiratory Protection

Activated carbon has, for more than 100 years, provided a means of protecting individuals and communities from the effects of airborne pollutants. Developed to protect individuals in personal masks from the risk of gas attack during times of conflict, the same is true today in the battle against COVID-19 infection. Many of the devices on the market utilise activated carbon in combination with dust aerosol and other particulate matter filtration systems. From simple dust masks incorporating an activated carbon felt or fibre layer, to more elaborate half and full face mask systems, powered respirators and whole room ventilation equipment, activated carbon is vital in all parts of the world to ensure clean air delivery.


Indoor Air Quality

In the same way that activated carbon is used in respiratory protection devices, the growth of dense urban-living lifestyle has meant that the demand for improvements in indoor air quality has increased exponentially. Room air cleaning devices are marketed by many of the world’s leading electronics companies and within these filter units there is often and activated carbon filter system. During times when it is impossible to access fresh air, for example during winter or high atmospheric pollution events, the indoor air quality device provides a healthy and comfortable environment for the elderly, the young and those with health issues. Many nations recognise this, imposing rigorous air quality standards on the performance of these devices, which use activated carbons.


Flue Gas Treatment for Power Plants

All over the world the disposal of waste, whether this is municipal, industrial or medical in nature, as required the construction of large scale incineration facilities. These plants recover the waste heat from the incineration process and generate electricity, and/or heating to local communities and public buildings. Due to the mixed nature of the waste being burnt there are often toxic chemicals present in the exhaust gas from the incinerator. These can include heavy metals such as Mercury and highly potent organics known as Dioxins. By injecting activated carbon into the flue gas both Mercury and Dioxins are removed with a high degree of efficiency preventing their emission to the environment. This application of activated carbon plays a vital role in protecting public health. Without such a treatment system the incinerator would not be able to operate and would result in a shortfall of power and heating provision to local communities.


Medicines for Health

Our modern life is dependent upon the availability of low-cost and highly effective drugs. During times of illness and times of health pharmaceutical preparations provide effective remedies as well as preventative and palliative care. Activated carbon

is commonly used as a processing aid in the manufacture of these pharmaceuticals from synthetic or natural raw materials for example paracetamol. Moreover, activated carbon has found direct use as an active ingredient within pharmaceutical preparations and is part of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) listings.

We are committed to ensure supply lines to our key customers working in the manufacture of water and air treatment devices, respirator masks, food production and energy generation. Without activated carbon many of these vital services will need to shut down resulting in potential and significant hardships for many thousands and millions of people around the world.

Jacobi Carbons, along with its contemporaries in the activated carbon industry, are essential and vital to the beating of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing populations to comply with governments rulings on social distancing, minimal social interaction and all but essential travel. With your help and our professional care for our employees we will overcome Corona virus together.

Yours faithfully

Remko Goudappel





Remko Goudappel, CEO

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