Remko GoudappelWelcome to the Jacobi website.

We appreciate the fact that you take the time to visit us and discover what Jacobi can offer you to help serve your needs.

The Jacobi team share 3 core values:

– our customers
– our people
– safety, quality & sustainability

Through these values, we strive to be the preferred partner for all your purification processes using Activated Carbon, Ion Exchange Resins & Mobile Filter Services. Our flair for novel solutions, and entrepreneurial spirit means we couple this to the best customer service in the business.


On our website, you will find our standard product portfolio and the most common range of applications we cover with our products and services.

However, our business continues to develop into new technologies. With our parent company, Osaka Gas Chemicals, we are the most innovative and customer-driven solution provider in the market. We are also eager to develop new solutions that will meet your future needs.

Starting at our carbon home page, you will be able to click through to our ion exchange resins and our filter services unit. If you need assistance that goes beyond the reach of our website, please feel free to contact one of our experts around the world.

I wish you success in your business and I am confident that we can help you attain and surpass your goals.



Remko Goudappel

CEO, Jacobi Carbons AB