Cavity Filters

Used more in the format of a traditional activated carbon filter, a void in the filter tip assembly is filled with activated carbon, in an intermediate grain size, for adsorption of smoke components. There needs to be a careful balance in the particle size to ensure limited resistance to flow of the smoker’s ‘puff’, yet sufficient adsorption kinetics to capture the desired tobacco constituents. Jacobi’s EcoSorb™ C and MB Series carbons provide the perfect balance of these two key elements and incorporate the enhancements provided by us to assist in filter tip manufacturing.




Activated carbons designed for a diverse range of air and gas purification duties. Featuring granular, extruded pellet and powdered types; these products exhibit the high microporosity necessary to adsorb efficiently in the gaseous phase. Speciality types, for example acid washed versions, are available for demanding applications for safety and purity.


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