Respirator mask

Manufacturers of personal protection devices are driven to safeguard the public health caused by airborne chemical contaminants.  Removal of these contaminants is technically demanding, and manufacturers must meet this technical challenge while navigating stringent regulations. Jacobi’s understands this unique blend of technical and regulatory challenges for personal protection devices faced by our customers.

Jacobi provides many different formats of product that are used in different aspect of the personal protection market.

These include:

  • Remove airborne contaminants
  • Industrial, collective protection, nuclear applications
  • NIOSH, CEN, HSE and OSHA compliant
  • Portfolio of over 100 impregnated carbons

Applications and Solutions for Personal Protection



Industrial workers must be protected from chemical, biological, and radiological materials, as health effects due to Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) become regulated.  Jacobi offers a variety of specialty carbons for first responders, industrial workers and collective protection devices (vehicles, control rooms and other industrial settings), including a range of chromium-free materials, in our AddSorb™ and PICATOX™ families.


Collective Protection

Activated carbon is the principal means of protection against chemical warfare agents (CWAs) in military applications. Jacobi provides numerous specially impregnated grades in full compliance with current military regulations, including chromium-free formulations. Applications include individual respirator devices and collective protection systems for vehicles and shelters. A full range of products within our AddSorb™ and PICATOX™ families can meet every challenge for military applications.


Nuclear Applications

Since the inception of nuclear power, activated carbon has served as the most common means of providing respiratory protection against radioactive iodine compounds or other toxic gases. Jacobi’s high quality, cost effective, and reliable carbons within our AddSorb™ and PICATOM™ families offer a proven safety record regarding radioactive contaminant removal.

For more information on how Jacobi products are used for food and beverage applications please get in touch and our team will be on hand to assist.