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Jacobi Resinex – Demineralisation

New from the Jacobi Resinex division!. Demineralisation explained.

The first video for our Resinex products is an animated video showing the process of demineralisation using our premium ion exchange resins.

Jacobi Resinex – Demineralisation Explained

Showing a 4-stage cation and anion system, Resinex can generate completely mineral-free water; necessary for a variety of critical processes including boiler feed water. The Resinex division of the Jacobi Group offers a range of complementary (to activated carbon) and stand-alone ion exchange resins for processes such as softening, dealkalysation and heavy metal removal, in addition to the demineralisation range. With more than a decades experience in process optimisation and product performance Jacobi Resinex is able to provide an optimised solution for every treatment objective.

Resinex Ion Exchange Resin

Resinex Ion Exchange Resin

When combined with Jacobi Carbons’s industry leading activated carbon adsorbent PetroSorb HS-D, there is a complete treatment step for the conditioning of recovered condensate for reuse in steam generation for energy generation. Launched in 2015, PetroSorb HS-D provides the lowest silica release of any activated carbon in the market. It revolutionises the usability of activated carbon in condensate treatment.

PetroSorb HS-D

PetroSorb HS-D

Working with OEM’s and end users alike, Jacobi Carbons and Jacobi Resinex bring solutions to processes, around the world.

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Oil and gas industry solutions

Oil and gas industry solutions