Jacobi Carbons India Private Limited (JCB) is now an officially ISO14001 certified manufacturing unit.

This accreditation is now awarded to both production units of Jacobi’s India Operations. Earlier this year, the operations of Jacobi’s newer facility in India, Nova Carbons, was awarded with ISO14001in regonition of the concern, good attitude and mindful way that Jacobi manufactures its products.

ISO14001-certificate-jcbEach factory around the world operates stringent processes for:

  • Waste heat recovery to generate steam which means minimal requirement for burning fossil fuels;
  • Rainwater harvesting and treatment to prepare for steam generation, reducing the need for the use of local resources;
  • Water re-use for boilers, washing processes and personal care;
  • Modern effluent treatment with a ‘Zero-to-drain’ target for not only waste, but wastewater too.

As more and more of these environmentally sensitive operations come on line, Jacobi is adding to the already accepted notion that manufacturing activated carbon from coconut shell is a truly sustainable option. Not only is the level of atmospheric CO2 reduced by ‘locking’ carbon into the actvated carbon itself, the advanced recycling systems operating in Europe provide an indefinite life to the product, allowing each reuse for many cycles.

Thomas Antony, Country Manager India, was celerbatory about the accreditation. He commented, “In addition to the process upgrades, product quality and safety, the ISO14001 certification ensures and acknowledges the best practices followed in the factory towards preservation of natural resources and enhancement of environmental wellbeing.

Moreover, the ISO14001 quality system facilitates attaining the required compliances with legal mandates as prescribed by the Government and develops a sense of confidence and a rapport among the local community.”

Other examples of how Jacobi works with local communities is available on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. We work with all local communities to support healthcare, sports, education and social welfare programmes across all our Asian factories, sometimes in highly deprived neighbourhoods.