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Here at Jacobi we continue to act strategically during 2020’s corona virus pandemic to ensure the safety of our people whilst keeping the business running for our customers. A key component to this is our people, together as a team we work and we keep the spirit of Jacobi Group strong throughout any adverse challenges that we face.

Today we are proud to announce that Jacobi has acquired the Finish company Finex Oy into its portfolio.

Finex are a producer of Ion Exchange Resins and so will sit under the Jacobi Resinex business unit and we are very pleased to be gaining over 40 new team members who have done a great job with the business in the years to date. Now we want to take it on into the future as part of Jacobi Group and we are confident we will continue to grow and go from strength to strength offering a wider portfolio of ion exchange resins than ever before.


What do Finex do?
Finex is a global, innovative specialist in chromatographic separation resins and in specialty resins for pharmaceutical, casting and condensate applications. Finex generates growth by providing tailored solutions in current and new industrial chromatographic separation applications – worldwide.

Finex’ roots are in chromatographic separation industry ever since 1979. Finex was founded as an independent company in 1990 in Kotka, Finland.


Over the coming months we will be working closely with the Finex team to unify our product offering and harmonise the product production cycles to meet the ever-increasing customer demand.

If you have any questions about our ion exchange resins or our chromatographic separation resins, then please don’t hesitate to visit the contact page and one of our team will be happy to help with your requirements.