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2000 and counting in Vietnam

Jacobi Carbons Vietnam (JCV) today exported its 2000th container from the factory in Ben Tre.  Having been in production fully since 2011, this is fantastically exciting and an incredible achievement.  Let’s join together in cheering and congratulating JCV on this milestone.  Well done!


Originally conceived and constructed by PICA (then part of the Veolia Group) JCV is now an important cornerstone in the Jacobi Carbons Group. Working under the management of Emilie LaVinh (Country Manager), operational efficiency and output have both increased. This achievement of 2000 containers shipped, of high quality coconutshell based activated carbon is a testimony to the skill and hard work shown by everyone at our Vietnamese facility.

In numbers, 2000 containers in 5 years is 400 per year or more than 1 container per day, 365 days per year. Remarkable in its own right.

Recently agreed capital investment in the facility will expand its capability to process more material and push further to raise output.

Jacobi Carbons wholly owns and operates 5 coconutshell based primary activation facilities across the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia. This gives unrivalled supply security to our customers and has made Jacobi the largest manufacturer of coconut shell based activated carbons in the world.

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For the longer version of the full corporate video of Jacobi Carbons and our activities; or specific factory footage, please contact your local sales office for more details. Also keep an eye on programming on Discovery channel later in the year, for a full documentary on our activated carbon and ion exchange resin activities.