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Today in Sri LJCL ISO14001 certificateanka, we are celebrating the factory in Nattandiya becoming accredited to ISO14001-2015 Environmental Maangement Standard.

This achievement is formal recognition of the care and attention that Jacobi takes in the impact of its operations on local ecologies. Our care of the environment as a whole and the conservation of resources is given equal consideration to manufacturing output. A long-standing initiative of energy management and emissions to land, water courses and air has now been formalised into a documented management and control system.

Congratulations to Jacobi Carbons Lanka (JCL) for this outstanding achievement. It is the dedication of all members of the operations team, as well as the management that allows a business to achieve such ISO14001:2015 accreditation. The consideration of all aspects of our work and the impact on the environment within and beyond the factory is engrained in everyone’s mind.


Jacobi Carbon Lanka was the first coconut shell manufacturing operation constructed by Jacobi Carbons Group. It has just celebrated its 10th year of operations. As the hub of many of the specialised manufacturing operations of the group, the team at JCL has overcome a number of obstacles to establish a centre of excellence for activated carbon manufacture.

Manufacturing in Jacobi

As part of the vanguard of our 5 primary coconut activation operations, JCL complements output from factories in India (2), Vietnam and The Philippines. This capability means unvivalled supply security for our customers. Furthermore, Jacobi is the world’s largest manufacturer of activated carbon based on renewable coconut shell raw material.