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Activated carbon and more…

How did we get here?

Jacobi’s Centenary Celebrations start in Osaka, Japan

IMG_7933In his address at the event, CEO, Anders Skeini, put into persepctive the significance of marking 100 years in business. “It is a little known fact that only 6% of all companies formed survive for 100 years or more”.

Of course, Jacobi today is a far different company from that small operation started in 1916. At that time, our founder Ferdinand Jacobi, offered a wide range of chemical products. Activated carbon developed later as the technology advanced. Nevertheless, our activated carbon division is now the mainstay of the business, and continues to be a developing side of our activities well into the future.

In addition, the development of additional product lines (Jacobi Resinex ion exchange resins) and customer-orientated solutions (Jacobi Services) is reminiscent of the business as it operated throughout the 20th Century…with customer’s needs first in our minds.

Our focus in the 21st Century remains unchanged, and the capabilities of our owners, Osaka Gas Chemicals, are being used and now bearing fruit in our growth.

So we celebrated the past in Osaka; but also looked forward from the present into the future. And we were able to show our guests something of Japan, with an excursion to visit the city of Kyoto. as they say, ‘the sun shines on the righteous’ and as you can see from the photos below, the weather was magnificient for our visit.

IMG_0932IMG_0927And so


The legacy of our event has continued in Japan. Wherever Jacobi goes it has a long-lasting impact on those we meet and have contact with. Only this week Chief Strategy Officer of Jacobi Carbons Group and main board member of Osaka Gas Chemicals Group (OGCG), Shin Dosho, has been interviewed by Japan’s The Chemical Daily. Dosho-san shared with this prominent publication the vision that Jacobi and OGCG have for the future of their Activated Carbons Division and to maintaining our drive for excellence, setting the companies apart from our competitors in setting new levels of client care and customer-focussed approach.