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Jacobi Carbons is partner of a group of expert companies, headed by ‘Air 2 Public GmbH‘ ( located in Ortenberg, who have developed an innovative technology for efficient removal of NOx from street air. Jacobi Carbons supplies for that purpose special activated carbon materials that are proven in their efficiency after years of use and development in other applications. The types of activated carbon, made from renewable resources, meet the most stringent requirements of sustainability.

The principle of the new technology is based on the concept of vacuuming the polluted air area-wide from the road and passing it underground to an adsorption tower, where the actual cleaning effect takes place by means of activated carbon media of Jacobi Carbons. The below diagram illustrates this procedure.

Street Cleaning TechnologyThis new technology includes at the same time the removal of fine dust, due to installation of special dust separation units.


An important USP of the new conception is the fact, that the housing of the adsorption tower with the filter systems will be used for advertising purposes, organised in this partnership by specialised firms, and consequently the expenses for the systems are neutralised. Affected municipalities can apply this new technology nearly without own investment costs.




In many German cities driving ban for diesel vehicles is threatened due to their excessive NOx emissions, and the new technology of „Air 2 Public GmbH“ is the very solution to avoid it. Jacobi Carbons is proud to be partner in these considerations for a better environment. This technology, however, will not be limited to German municipalities but will also apply to cities in other countries with similar emission issues.

For more information on this latest innovation please feel free to contact us.