The carbon-in-leach process integrates leaching and carbon-in-pulp into a single unit process operation in which the leach tanks are fitted with carbon retention screens and the carbon-in-pulp tanks are eliminated. The activated carbon is added in leach, with gold adsorption occurring nearly simultaneously with gold dissolution by the cyanide solution. This method is often employed when native carbon (as organics) is present in the gold ore and adsorbs the leached gold, preventing its recovery. The activated carbon used in the carbon-in-leach circuit preferentially adsorbs the gold over the native carbon and allows the gold to eventually be recovered for stripping.

Carbon In Leach

Jacobi offers a full range of carbon products to serve the gold recovery industry. This includes standard granular activated carbon grades (GoldSorb™ 4500 and PICAGOLD™ G208AS), higher capacity granular activated carbon grades (GoldSorb™ 5500 and PICAGOLD™ G209AS), and highest premium activity granular activated carbon grades (PICAGOLD™ G210AS and PICAGOLD™ G210 Ultima).


Goldsorb / Picasorb


The undisputed industry leading brand, our PICAGOLD™ and GoldSorb™ range of activated carbons, is designed for gold recovery processes and is used by gold plants all over the world. Our products provide excellent adsorption and elution characteristics, show outstanding hardness and high resistance to attrition. In addition, the strictest platelets control is used in order to minimise carbon fines generation in circuit and during regeneration. Less carbon fines in the circuit means less gold lost to the tailings!


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