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Not quite summer in Paris, but our team in Vierzon continue to work during the traditional summer recess to ensure that customers receive the treatment solutions they need; when they need them.

The treatment objective

This summer we have been contracted by a major partner in the ground remediation market to supply a number of our AquaFlow V20H units for the clean-up of water contaminated with a range of heavy metals, including mercury (Hg).

The combined treatment solution

Not only was Jacobi able to develop a solution combining activated carbon and ion exchange resins; but we can supply the treatment vessels and ongoing vessel exchange required. This is a fast treatment process with the entire treatment solution being condicted in less than 120 days. The AquaFlow V20H can operate at a high treatment rate ensuring the treatment objective can be achieved in the time allowed. More than this, utilising a highly efficienct activated carbon to target mercury in the water, and combining it with an effective, high capacity chelating resin our solution, more than anyone else was selected as meeting the customer’s needs.

Mobile Filter Unit AquaFlow V20 H

AquaFlow V20H ready for transportation to site

The use of the AquaFlow V20H; a truly mobile treatment solution means that using our dedicated team (Assistance Mobile Charbon Actif – AMCA) we can prepare, deliver, deploy, commission, treat, demobilise and remove the filters from site at the end of the project, without input from the client. A truly customer-orientated service.

The unit arrives at site pre-filled with the media charge required, whether this is activated carbon or ion exchange resin; or as we recently supplied in Australia, specialist absorbent from one of our technology partners  based in the USA. Jacobi connects all these capabilities to ensure the best outcome.




Our treatment service engineers - always mobile

Our AMCA team ready for service – Wherever, whenever to assist in your treatment objectives

Assistance Mobile Charbon Actif – AMCA is our Vierzon-based team of specialists working in industries as diverse as potable water supply, biogas operations and solvent recovery.

Jacobi has clearly demonstrated its superior capability to provide the most comprehensive treatment package. We have the technology, the equipment and most of all the people to make it happen!




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