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Jacobi and 3M – A strong and progressive relationship

Jacobi are once again in a celebratory mood as Mike Smith (Sales Director Americas) and Remko Goudappel (CEO) receive the Supplier of the Year Award from our long-standing partner 3M.
Remko Goudappel

Mike Smith (President of Sales – Americas) and Remko Goudappel (CEO)

Jacobi’s relationship with 3M exists across a range of their business divisions, including Home Water Purification and Occupational Health. Activated carbon plays a vital role in the manufacture of products in both these sectors of activity.
Being able to supply a wide range of products, with exacting specifications, to multiple locations, on-time, in-full, and everytime is a feature that Jacobi is righfully proud of. This has allowed 3M to grow in key strategic markets.
In addiiton, Jacobi has an industry leading R&D program that ensures we can assist our customers to be at the forefront of technical advances in key markets using activated carbon technologies.
This award solidifies the relationship between 3M and Jacobi and will ensure a long-standing relationship into the future.

CEO’s message

On receiving the award, a righfully proud Remko Goudappel commented, “3M has 100,000 suppliers worldwide and there were 15 suppliers given an award in the different categories. Jacobi Carbons is in the top 0.015% of 3M’s supplier base.
I felt extremely honoured and proud being in the Twin Cities with Mike and receiving the Award from 3M on behalf of Jacobi. Rae Marie Harber could not be there due to vacation, but I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Key Account team, led by Rae Marie, with this fantastic achievement and thank them for the effort. This really was a cross-functional and cross-regional team effort with several people directly involved. This is such a great recognition by 3M for our performance that we can all be very proud of.”