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Jacobi Philippines ships 1000th container!

Today, November 29, 2017, Jacobi Carbons Philippines, Inc. (JCX) hits a significant milestone in its history, by shipping the 1000th container of product since it started commercial operation as PEZA-registered enterprise on August 1, 2015.

JCX employees gathered this morning for a ceremonial event to witness the loading of 44 bags (for 19,800 metric tons) to complete the 1000th container destined for Felixstowe, UK. Applying the final seal to the container was done by the visiting VP for Manufacturing (Mr. Mark Cutten). He was assisted by Mr. Siva Gounden (Country Manager) and Nilanka Pererra (Opertions Manager). In gratitude, employees were recognized for all the hard work and tremendous effort in making things happen at JCX, rightfully filling everyone with pride and confidence. It goes without saying the commitment to the next 1000 containers and beyond is as resolute as ever.

Reflecting on the achievement, JCX shipped its first container on August 20, 2015. Since then, JCX has been exporting activated carbon products to the world market, consistent with the Jacobi quality standards. The highest shipment made, so far, was in March 2016 with 58 loaded containers.

And, as JCX moves forward to 2018 and beyond, the employees say ‘Yes, We Can!’ You can watch a video overview of JCX below: