Your Contribution Counts

As part of Jacobi’s mission to become the most sustainable player in the industry, we actively encourage all our employees to think and behave in a way that promotes sustainability. Following the success of the last Sustainability Awards event, we will continue to recognise our employees’ efforts to support our drive for sustainability by holding another in 2023.

You probably already know about things like using coconuts to produce carbon or using the GreenEco furnace in production, but we’re aware there are lots of other activities going on all over Jacobi too. Events like litter picks, beach clean ups and charity donations. All contributions towards sustainability, no matter how big or small, have an impact. You don’t have to do something huge to make a difference.

The end date to submit contributions is November 22nd

We want to hear about everything that our people have been doing to work towards a more sustainable future. Every entrant, whether a self-entry or nominated by someone else, has the chance to qualify for first prize from one of eight categories. You and your team have the chance to win larger prizes, such as dinner with your family or team and many more soon to be revealed. Don’t hesitate to enter! Use the form on this page to enter yourself or nominate your colleague and make your mark in Jacobi’s journey towards sustainability.


The awards will be split into eight main categories based on Jacobi’s new management goals. The categories are:

1. People

Without our people there would be no Jacobi. Supporting our employees and ensuring good health, well-being and that they are happy at work is vital. Anything that can be done to improve these is a positive step. If you have an idea, or if your colleagues have done something to improve your working environment or raise team spirit, then enter it into the awards!

Example: Supporting colleagues throughout difficult times or promoting physical and digital well-being amongst colleagues.

2. Safety

Whether you’re working in an office or on site, the safety of our employees is our number one priority at Jacobi. If you have an idea that would improve the safety of you and your colleagues at work, we want to hear about it!

Example: Implementing extra drills or training for emergency situations, or offering support or changes to operating procedures in different environments.

3. Environmental impact

As such a large organisation, it’s vital that we consider how our actions and operations affect the environment. This goes on regularly at the operational level as we consider our compliances and regulations internationally, but, to really make a difference towards our environment, there needs to be collective efforts. If you have any ideas on how to make our day-to-day business more environmentally friendly, enter it into the awards.

Examples: Changing your transportation method to work, such as introducing ride sharing schemes, or planting some trees to help re-generate an area. In an office environment, this might mean partially eliminating mass production and consumption of items in the workplace like excess paper or plastics.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business is an ever-growing global entity. As we achieve that growth, we know that with it comes an increased responsibility to take care of the people around us and impact the world in a positive way. This can mean anything from our work during difficult times or it can mean helping those communities around us on a day-to-day basis. If you have an idea that would really make a difference, then nominate it below.

Example: Donations to projects supporting the local community, activities that help improve community life in your area, or even simply individual assistance to someone who needs it.

5. Customer Retention

At Jacobi we need not only our employees, but our customers too. We want to ensure our customers remain with us throughout the years. Any new ideas or systems that will help keep our customers with Jacobi can be entered into this category.

Example: Implementing schemes to reward and promote good customer service.

6. Innovation

Jacobi is always evolving and innovating. This can be from a product application level, a production process or even how we communicate and collaborate across the world in each department of the business. Improving how we work helps to save time, money and increases efficiency overall. If you have an idea of how we can improve and innovate anywhere in the business, or if you have a colleague who has made instrumental innovations and improvements, then submit the details of these actions via the form below.

Example: Optimising products or workflows, rethinking existing systems, improved communications or collaborations around projects.

7. Quality

As you know we strive to produce the best product for our customers applications, behind the scenes our teams of experts are always working towards the most efficient performing product, however sometimes things can go wrong, this is a part of life, but when it comes to the business what really matters is how we deal with these issues. Do you have an idea for how we can ensure better quality control? Or how we can improve how we might handle customer expectations, maybe you or one of your colleagues has gone out of their way to ensure quality is at the forefront of our customer focus.

Example: Minimising response times to new customer issues, extra communications with customers on order information or logistics.

8. Security of Supply

Recent world events have meant that we’ve seen many extra challenges in terms of securing the supply of raw materials and activated carbon product to our customers which is, again, vital for the continuation of the organisation. Have you or one of your colleagues found inventive ways to overcome these challenges? Or maybe you found a way to improve the security of supply through general order processing priority and optimisation. Enter them in this category.

Example: Implemented order forecasting with a customer to ensure we can secure their product ahead of time.


Got a question about the Sustainability Awards? Take a look at our FAQs below.

If your questions are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing sustainability.award@jacobi.net

Why hold Sustainability Awards?

Put simply, we want to recognise and reward our people for their sustainable actions and behaviours. No matter how small, every single one of our employee’s contributions is important and makes a difference to our planet. What better way to show our gratitude and recognition than a dedicated Sustainability Awards event?

Who can participate?

Everyone! We’re encouraging all employees to participate. We want to hear ideas and see action from all departments and locations. You can choose to enter by yourself or with your team (the second option is highly encouraged) or nominate your colleagues for their actions.

How do I apply? How should I document my contributions/actions?

Once you have carried out some type of initial action, fill out the entry form at the bottom of the webpage. Don’t forget to include a small written explanation of what you and your team have done and, if possible, the actual or expected sustainable effects. Photos are always encouraged – and might get published to Jacobi’s social media accounts!

What are the prizes?

Winning entries in each category will be rewarded with engraved wooden cubes. Nice to have on a desk, to put on a shelf or to pick out as a reminder of the appreciation that your or your team’s contribution gave.

Winners and finalists receive a diploma to put up on the wall.

Everyone who has participated in a winning entry will be rewarded with a nice dinner for two. Dinner can take place at a restaurant or in your home.

How are the winners presented?

In December 2022, an online event will be held where the winners in the various categories will be presented.

Articles and interviews will be written in A Pure World.

Winning and nominated entries will be noticed in social media and on our website.

Who is the judging panel?

The G10, a group of Jacobi’s most senior executives, will decide on the winners.

Do I first have to pass my ideas through my manager?

No, there is no need to filter your actions through your manager unless you deem it necessary and want their input on your ideas, or if the idea affects essential operations within your department.

Can sustainable actions from before the start of the event count?

All contributions count! Even those which you have thought of before the start of the event – as long as you are still actively working on it and five years have not passed since the beginning of your project.

When is the deadline for entries?

Admissions are accepted until 22nd of November. 

Can I enter more than one idea?

Of course! You are encouraged to use your creativity and take action as extensively as you’d like. Nominations are not restricted either and we encourage you to tell us about all of your colleagues’ sustainable actions. The more innovative action we take towards reaching our sustainability goals, the better.

Can I participate both as an individual and with my team?

Yes, however, it is highly encouraged to participate within a team to boost team relations!

How will I know if I’m shortlisted for a prize?

We will contact you in November and formally invite you to the event in December where we will present the awards. Jacobi employees from all over the world will be present! The specific date will be communicated later on.

Do only sustainable actions in the workplace count, or those outside (e.g. at home) as well?

All contributions should be connected to Jacobi in one way or another. This includes sustainable actions towards communities close to Jacobi facilities and offices. However, we encourage everyone to also practice more sustainable solutions at home.

Is it necessary to quantify and show the actual outcomes, or is the thought and initial plan of action enough to qualify?

No, you don’t have to. Your initiative and contribution are what really counts. The jury will try to evaluate your action based on what you provide in the entry form. You are free to write about the expected outcomes, however, you are not obliged.

What are the chances that a single employee can actually win an award? Is the extra effort worth it? Or will only the big players and contributors win?

All participants who are shortlisted will receive a small reward for their contribution! Those who have come up with the most innovative and creative solutions and alternatives will receive additional, bigger prizes. The scope of JSA is not about the prizes, but rather the sustainable benefits we have brought about and our journey together towards becoming the most sustainable player in the market.

Do I gain anything if I nominate one of my colleagues?

If you nominate another team or individual, you are eligible to win a small award. Make sure your fellow employees don’t get away with not sharing their sustainable actions. We want to know about them!


Don’t hesitate to enter any idea – all contributions count.

Admissions are accepted until 22th of November. 

Max. file size: 50 MB.