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It’s Spring/Summer 2020, the world is going through unprecedented times, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we are all living our daily lives not just for today but forever. During these times we make a choice, a choice where we either let ourselves be put down by the situation or we rise up. Here at Jacobi we are strong, Jacobi people are not easily put-down. We stand united together around the world. We know we can help others who need it. We want to make a difference.

The 2020 Jacobi Exercise Challenge is how we are going to do it. We are calling on all of our people to work together to complete several exercise challenges that help raise money for several great causes which are helping to combat the virus and to provide relief assistance to those working on the front-line or supplying the front line of the battle. Read on and join the movement today…

Maybe you like to run? GOOD. We want you to help gain some kilometers towards our goal. Give it your best.

If cycling is your thing then great, get on your bike and ride!

Getting out into your local surroundings, maybe in nature, anybody can help contribute, daily walks are encouraged to help us reach our goal.

Throughout 2020 we decided to set several different legs of the exercise challenge, each leg sees us travel from one Jacobi location to another virtually using the distance that is contributed by each individuals weekly running, cycling or walking activity. Combined together we will keep a track of how far we are travelling and what progress we are making from one point to another. Each time a new leg of the challenge is set we want to go further and further until we have been all over the world around the Jacobi global locations.


Catch up on the progress made by our people in the EMEA region.

Total distance: 1622 km
Started: 14th April
Ended: 01st May


  • 5000km
  • 1000km
  • 15000km

Now we are well on our way around the world, this time we are crossing oceans. One of the biggest legs on our journey ‘across the pond’ to the USA.

Total distance: 7662 km
Distance so far: TBC
Started: TBC

Special Edition: Dri-FIT T-shirt

Help raise funding for those that need it on the front line against corona virus. And look good whilst doing so!
We have designed this special edition t-shirt that can be purchased with all the proceeds going to help causes that are working to combat the virus. Produced in special Nike Dri-FIT technology, Dri-FIT’s unique high-performance microfiber construction supports the body’s natural cooling system by wicking away sweat and dispersing it evenly throughout the surface of the garment so that it evaporates quickly, with Jacobi branded front chest graphic and sleeve logo.



Every kilometer covered moves us closer to completing each leg of the challenge and as we come together to achieving these goals we are raising money to donate to good causes working to help deal with the difficulties of corona virus, so far these are some of the donations we are proud to have made:

Challange: Basiano–Kalmar
Donator: Erik Lauer, Magdalene Josenhans
Receiver: World Health Organisation
Donation: €600

Challange: Basiano–Kalmar
Donator: Jan Reinier Gosker
Receiver: IJsselland hospital Capelle aan den IJssel (Rotterdam)
Donation: €1000 contribution to 1000 pc of protective clothing