activated carbon services

At Jacobi, we understand that providing the activated carbon as a standalone product does not always meet our customers’ needs, and we have developed a full service offering to help our clients maximize the use of the industry leading products we supply.  Our service packages include the following:

Service filtration unit

In many cases, activated carbon must be applied in adsorption systems designed for the specific service in mind.  Properly designed systems will ensure optimal and safe utilization of the carbon, and aid in the removal and exchange of the carbon once it is spent.  Jacobi offers a full range of pre-designed, modular systems, which allow for flexibility of operation and reduction of capital costs, available on a purchase or rental basis.  Our modular filtration unit brands include:

AquaFlow: Designed for liquid filtration and the treatment of flows from 1–60 m3/hour (1–250 gpm) and containing 0.2–20 m3 (200–20,000 pounds) of carbon. Typical applications include the treatment of process effluents, contaminated groundwater, and in-process liquors.

EcoFlow: Designed for air and gas purification, treating vapour flows of 250–18000 m3/hr (100–12000 cfm), containing 0.2–14 m3 (200–14,000 pounds) of carbon, and designed for optxmal flow distribution and low pressure drop.

While activated carbon is an effective, easy technology to use, handling of the spent carbon can remain complex for customers, due to environmental regulations and the desire to minimize downtime due to spent carbon exchange.  Jacobi employs a highly skilled team of professionals trained in the handling of spent carbon, and we utilize state-of-the-art media handling equipment to effect the replacement of activated carbon.  We can manage the entire operation including the removal and packaging of spent carbon, transportation off-site, disposal or reactivation, and fill of replacement carbon, and possess the understanding of environmental and safety regulations to ensure the job is completed in full compliance with all of these regulations.

Large carbon exchange unit
Large reactivation plant
Service tank

Two modern reactivation facilities (with a third on the way), strategically located to be close to service users, ensure full satisfaction of our customers needs for recycling of the activated carbon asset.

Spent granular or pelletized activated carbon can be recycled by thermal reactivation, in which the spent carbon is processed through a high temperature reactivation furnace at or above 850°C. The adsorbed organics on the carbon are thermally decomposed. The resulting gases are fed through an afterburner and a treatment system to allow emission to atmosphere in accordance with most stringent environmental regulations. Recycling by thermal reactivation is an environmentally responsible disposal method that helps to reduce CO2 emissions over the activated carbon and contributes to a sustainable use of the world’s resources.

As an environmentally responsible company, Jacobi has invested in facilities that will regenerate spent activated carbon.  Our plants in Europe are strategically located to serve Western and Eastern locations to minimise transportation costs and time.  Our facilities are located in:

–    Jacobi Carbons Services (Europe) GmbH, Premnitz, Germany
–    Jacobi Carbons SASU, Vierzon, France

With over 8000 MT of annual capacity, including the ability to perform custom reactivation for potable, food and industrial grade spent carbons, the Jacobi Carbons reactivation plants provide an effective option to media replacement.

Through both facilities, reactivated carbons that are produced through this process are available for sale under our ReSorb brand:

ReSorb SC: granular carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of low molecular weight organic compounds from liquid phase

ReSorb HC: granular carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of higher molecular weight organic compounds from liquid phase

ReSorb VT: coarse activated carbon specifically designed for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds from gas phase

ReSorb Solo: Dedicated reactivation and return of our clients’ spent activated carbons. Reactivation is done according to individual specifications agreed with our clients.

Jacobi offers a wide range of services across many different sectors. For more information on our services you can download our services overview brochure.