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Colombo, Sri Lanka

We are proud to announce that Jacobi Carbons Lanka PVT (JCL) won the Sri Lankan Presidential Award for Highest Foreign Exchange Earner for Coconut Sector, in both 2014 and 2015. This is a major accolade for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of activated carbon.

This is an amazing recognition of the work done in JCL and truly a result of a team effort. It is very much about each and every one behind this success, being the first company in the activated carbon business in Sri Lanka to achieve this award.

The award ceremony was held in Colombo with the patronage of The President, H.E Maithreepala Sirisena and key ministers, organized by Sri Lanka Export Development Board. The award was received jointly by Country Manager, Rasanga Adikara and Deputy Technical Officer, Tomohiro Sakahori.


JCL was the first of Jacobi’s activated carbon manufacturing facilities and recently celebrated its first decade in operation. It is the primary specialist activated carbon factory of the Jacobi Carbons Group, with many unique and technologically advanced manufacturing processes.

This facility remains a cornerstone of the Jacobi Carbons Group activities. In addition to primary activation, JCL provides many value added processes to refine and treat activated carbons for specific duties in water and air purification duties. There is also a large laboratory based at the Nattandiya site, serving not only this location, but other group companies with advanced analytic services.

Activated carbon

Used for centuries as a purification adsorbent for the provision of potable water, activated carbon is now used in hundreds or applications. Ranging from cat litter to gas masks, and from food coloring to pharmaceutical uses, the opportunities for our unique adsorbents are seemingly endless. Jacobi Carbons leads the way in innovation and product development in activated carbon technology; its application and duties. In conjunction with its parent company, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Jacobi invests heavily in Research and Development, and Applications Engineering to the service of its ever-growing customer base.

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