Make A Move For Ukraine

There are certain moments in history when we are drawn together, as humans, to help each other. We unite as people and there is an outpouring of compassion for one another. Sometimes it’s easy to feel a little helpless in these moments and unsure of what you can do to help.

We are all aware of the situation that people are facing in Ukraine right now. At the time of writing, over 2.5 million people have fled the country and those that remain are living in desperate conditions. We feel it is our duty to help and so we have come up with an initiative to help to support the Ukrainian people. Through our Make a Move for Ukraine initiative, we will be donating to the Red Cross which will help provide food, shelter, first aid, medicine and warm clothes to those who need them. We are calling on everybody across the entire group to make a move for Ukraine.

The challenge is simple; globally around the group we have 3 targets to hit in points, at each target Jacobi will make a donation. When we reach 1000 points, Jacobi will donate $1000, $5000 dollars for the 5000 point target, and $10,000 for the 10,000 point target. A total of $16k!

The targets are met by physical activity, with different activities winning a different amount of points. Once you’ve done your activity and clocked up your points, register them using the form on this webpage. There’s no limit to how many different activities you can do or how many points you can earn. We will collect together all the entries and update the points totals along the way with an announcement each time one of the donation goals is reached. Now what are you waiting for? Get moving!  

Venture out into your local surroundings. Enjoy nature. Daily walks are encouraged to help us reach our goal.
1km of walking = 1 point

Maybe you like to run? Great! We want you to help gain some points towards our goal. Give it your best.
2km of running = 1 point

If cycling is your thing then great. Get on your bike and ride!
5km of cycling = 1 point

Dive in and earn some points by swimming. Indoor or outdoor swimming both count.
0.5km of swimming = 1 point

This category includes any other physical activity. Yoga, dancing, pilates, tennis, weight-lifting, team sports – the list is endless!
1 hour of a miscellaneous activity = 1 point.

If you think your activity should be worth a certain value of points then let us know and we will take any activity into consideration towards the totals.


In the short form below, please enter your activity details, feel free to attach a photo* and we will use this in the communications around the initiative.

*any photos submitted may be used in the public domain, by submitting you are giving your permission for us to do so.

Max. file size: 50 MB.


Each activity above earns  different relevant points, when we hit a total number of points at each goal this triggers a donation..

1000 points = $1000

5000 points = $5000

10,0000 points = $10,000

Periodically throughout the initiative we will update each regions progress.

Check back to see our progress in hitting the goals!

Keep up to date with how our colleagues from all over EMEA are progressing through the goal points.

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Keep up to date with how our colleagues from the US are progressing through the goal points.

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Keep up to date with how our colleagues from all over Asia are progressing through the goal points.

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1000 points

Show your support. Get active in style.

Show your support and wear the Ukraine colours! 
To help show our support and raise awareness we have printed specially co-branded t-shirts featuring Ukraine colours. Order yours via the form below and we will dispatch to you for wearing whilst making working out or getting active as part of the initiative. 

Order your shirt here.

There are only a limited numbers available but once you place your order the team will do our best to confirm and get it sent to you asap.


We have chosen to donate to the Red Cross, as an organisation they are delivering aid to those in the Ukraine and surrounding areas to help give them the support they need during this time.

You can find our more about how the Red Cross are helping those in need by visiting their website here.