Welcome to Jacobi Virtual Christmas Party 2022

Save the date! December 19th in your calendar. We will be celebrating Christmas together in a global online event. For two hours, we will have a full schedule. Among various other things, we will be announcing the winners of the Jacobi Sustainability Awards and awarding prizes for the eight different categories. There will be a Jacobi general knowledge quiz with questions from around the business, the ‘JacoBizQuiz’.

The Jacobi Band will have a world premiere with their new song.

We will also get a sneak preview of the latest issue of A Pure World and to finish there will be some messages from our colleagues around the world.

For more information on the event check out our Questions and Answers sections below.

Stay safe and see you soon!

The date for the Jacobi Viritual Christmas Party 2022 is 19th December. The time is 12:00–14:00 CET (Central European Time). If you need an invitation please contact mark.downs@jacobi.net


What is Jacobi Virtual Christmas Party?
JVCP is an online event for people who work at Jacobi. The event takes place December 19, CET 12:00. We hope to have some fun, reflect on the year behind us and celebrate together as colleagues and friends.

Who can join?
Any employee at Jacobi can join. To participate, you need a Jacobi email address and Microsoft Teams installed on the device that you prefer to use (computer, smartphone or tablet). Then, of course, family members and friends are also welcome to participate with you.

How do I join the event?
Make sure Microsoft Teams is open 5 minutes before the start of the event, then join the call when you are ready.

NOTE! Before clicking “Connect”, make sure to have the microphone on “Mute”. Please also turn off the camera to reduce the load on the online broadcast.

Need an invitation?
You should have already received an invitation for the event but you can email mark.downs@jacobi.net if you have not received an invitation yet and he will send you one.

Some employees do not have a computer and do not speak English
It might be best to participate in a physical meeting where an English-speaking person acts as an interpreter and where you can follow the event together via, for example, a big-screen TV. However, you must follow the rules and recommendations that apply to your country’s and/or your country manager’s corona strategy in order to stay safe.


What is the JacoBizQuiz?
The JacoBizQuiz is a quiz where we compete against each other by filling out a digital form online. We will announce a link to the form during the Jacobi Virtual Christmas Party event and then you will have 15 minutes during the event to answer a series of questions. Each question is worth points and then there is a tiebreaker question at the end. The person or team with the most points at the end and the closest answer to the tiebreaker wins. Then there will also be a second and third place winner awarded.

Who can play?
Everyone who works at Jacobi can join in and play, but family members and friends are also welcome. However, the competition is limited to one questionnaire per Jacobi employee.

How to play JacoBizQuiz?
Playing JacoBizQuiz is super easy. During the Jacobi Virtual Christmas Party, you will receive a link to a digital questionnaire with the questions. There are three answer alternatives to each question, and all you have to do is click on the correct answer. The last question is a tiebreaker.

How to win?
The one who has answered the most questions correctly wins. If we have several people with the same score, the last question will be decisive when guessing the correct answer. There will be 3 top winners announced later on during the Christmas call.

What do you win?
Three winners will be selected and presented during the event. The prizes will be sustainable products that are closely connected to our business. Keep an eye out in the run up to the event for hints on what’s up for grabs!

How do I get my prize?
If you have won, we will send your prize to the office or facility you belong to. If you want a different delivery address, email the delivery details to marketing@jacobi.net. We will make sure you get your prize as soon as possible.

It’s easy to play JacoBizQuiz, it’s like any quiz. During the Jacobi Christmas Party event, you will receive a link to a form with questions to answer. Three winners will be announced.