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Activated Carbon – Price increase notice

Jacobi Carbons is announcing its decision to implement a price increase for our Coconut-based Activated Carbon in the range of 8-15% due to a substantial increase of raw material costs. The price increases will be applied for shipments made on – or after – May 1, 2017.

Due to our multiple sourcing locations and our professional sourcing approach of charcoal throughout Asia, we have been able to absorb the increased costs so far. However, we have reached a point where charcoal prices have gone up significantly across Asia. Unfortunately, the dramatic increase is beyond what Jacobi can absorb.

Significant increase in the cost of anthracite coal and coke tar have impacted the cost of Coal-based pellets heavily, and the stricter enforcement of environment protection legislation in China has led to a general increase in coal and inland transport. Prices will be impacted ranging from 5-15%.

There is no significant change in the cost of steam and chemically activated Wood-based Activated Carbon.

We continue to reduce overhead expenses to mitigate the situation, however, a pass-through to our customers is unfortunately necessary.

Our strategic sourcing team continues to work to minimize any cost impact to our customers.

We thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to ensure supply in spite of these difficulties.


Remko Goudappel


[A copy of the official announcement can be downloaded here]:

General Price Increase 04/2017