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Dear customers,

As promised, this is to update you on the current situation at Jacobi Carbons and the way we are managing the consequences of the Corona crisis, making sure our people are safe and that we serve you the best way we can. We believe that it is important to keep you updated regularly, as the situation is very dynamic, and communication is key to find solutions for the joint challenges we are facing. That is why I will continue my weekly updates until the situation has “normalised” again.


Order changes
Your Jacobi representative will stay in close touch with you to understand your changing needs and communicate about any potential supply delays, making sure that we can continue meeting your needs. Pro-active communication is of absolute importance to make sure we can anticipate and serve you best.


As you know, most of our production plants are in Asia. Our sites in India, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan work closely together to make sure that we secure supply, within the strict constraints imposed by the local authorities, and the need to protect our employees.



  • The number of Covid-19 cases are increasing in the country but the trend in Tamil Nadu seems to have softened, except for Chennai. The Indian Government announced that the lockdown is extended till May 16.
  • The charcoal supply chain is trying to restart, the main challenge being to get labour back. We are working very closely with our suppliers to organise the restart as swiftly as possible.
  • Our ability to ramp up the capacity will depend on the extent of the Government’s new guidelines and the social pressure allowing us to have full staff working.


Sri Lanka

  • The situation is stable since last week, although the number of Covid-19 cases are increasing and the country is still under curfew. Only a few industries are working, transport is also limited.
  • We now expect the charcoal supply chain to slowly restart in May.


The Philippines

  • The situation is similar to last week, community quarantines are maintained in multiple regions and cities, but we are fortunately not in a hot spot and are able to operate fully and safely.
  • We suffer from the transport disturbances that affect the charcoal supply, although we have been able to secure our charcoal needs for the past 3 weeks.



  • Vietnam has been able to get the virus under control and our plant is fully operational. We still carefully ensure that our employees continue following strict hygiene rules.



  • Our plant in Tianjin is fully operational and we continue to enforce strict hygiene and social distancing rules at all times.



  • Lock down is extended and all team members of our Global Shared Service Center are still working from home.


In most countries, preparations are being made to relax the lockdown situation. In the course of May, we expect business to increase gradually although some restrictions will still remain and will hinder our operations and logistics. All office and sales teams continue to work from home.

  • Italy: preparations are undertaken to relax the lock down. In May, we expect to gradually increase operations.
  • Germany: reactivation is interrupted due to supply transportation disruptions from outside Germany.
  • France: preparations are undertaken to initiate field service work again, to start feeding the reactivation kilns.
  • Our locations in Spain, the UK and Sweden are operational.


Our production facility and warehouse operations remain fully operational.


“Despite having faced a forced shut down in 4 factories earlier on, we have been able to contain the impact of the corona virus on our organisation and are running all our factories again safely, with currently the majority of our capacity being operational. This is thanks to our close collaboration with the authorities, our involvement in the local communities and the dedication & creativity of our People. The intensive cooperation of our Customer Service and Sales teams with – and the support from our customers enabled our Supply Chain teams to continue supplying our valued Customers and the essential industries we serve.

Although we are confident having adapted well to the “new normal”, we expect the crisis to last. We should not rule out a new local outbreak, or other unforeseen events that could suddenly hit us or our supply chain. However, we are confident that our broad Manufacturing Footprint, our robust Supply Chain, our capability to adapt and the quality of our People will continue Security of Supply. Focus on health & safety, and close cooperation with you as our customers, remains more essential than ever”


Stay safe.
Take good care.

Remko Goudappel





Remko Goudappel CEO
Jacobi Carbons AB

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