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A short notice on the recent Corona Virus outbreak currently being experienced globally…

Due to the situation around the corona virus outbreak in China, we are experiencing operational and logistical disruptions in the supply chain within and from China. The Chinese authorities have extended the Chinese New Year holiday period until February 10, 2020. Our Chinese operations in Tianjin are scheduled to restart operations in the near future.

The Jacobi Supply Chain team is taking mitigating actions to make sure that the impact towards our customers is minimised. Due to our regional stock levels, we are currently in a position to meet most of the expected needs of our customers.

If this situation in China continues for too long, we expect to run into stock-out situations for specific products. Our Supply Chain team is monitoring the development in China on a daily basis, in close cooperation with our Chinese team.

The products affected by the situation include our coal based, chemical wood based and bamboo based Activated Carbon; the Actitex grades; the Ion Exchange Resins sourced in China, and all products sold to Chinese customers.

Your Jacobi sales representative will keep you closely informed about any delays that we might experience. As always, we will do all in our power to meet your needs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for their understanding and co-operation.

Best regards,

Remko Goudappel

Remko Goudappel

CEO Jacobi Carbons

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