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To all Jacobi customers,

As promised, this is to update you on the current situation at Jacobi Carbons and the way we are managing the consequences of the Corona crisis, making sure our people are safe and that we serve you the best way we can. We believe that it is important to keep you updated regularly, as the situation is very dynamic, and communication is key to find solutions for the joint challenges we are facing.


Our facilities in China continue to be fully operational. This has a positive impact on the availability of all our coal-based products, our chemical wood-based products and our ion exchange resins sourced in China. Our Quality lab in Tianjin is also fully operational, making sure that the Quality is secured.


The situation in Europe continues to be difficult. Curfews in France, Italy, Spain and Germany are still in place, causing a slow-down in the economy. However, our teams are coping with the situation and work closely with the authorities to continue operating in a safe manner. In Italy and France, we are considered a “critical industry” by the authorities, serving Drinking Water -, Food-, Pharma- and Respirator applications. I am impressed to see how our teams follow Government instructions on hygiene and social distancing, and how they learn from each other. Our sites in the UK, Sweden, Spain and Germany continue to be fully operational.


In the USA, our processing plant and warehouse in Columbus OH continue to be operational, following the Government rules for hygiene and social distancing. In spite of restrictions imposed in certain States to control the situation, we are able to keep our warehouses operational, which enables us to keep up with supply. We are closely monitoring port activity and shipping lines as well and have contingency plans in place in case we face a sudden lock down situation.


Asia Manufacturing
As you know, most of our production plants are in Asia. Our sites in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan work closely together to make sure that we secure supply, within the strict constraints imposed by the local authorities and the need to protect our employees.

  • In Sri Lanka, we started “skeleton” operations and resumed shipments of critical orders again after we were forced to shut-down JCL for 2 weeks but had to interrupt the operation as the authorities locked down the city due to a Corona case in the community. We are keeping a constant dialogue with the authorities to restart as soon as possible. I am impressed with the team in Lanka showing great resilience and motivation to get started again under challenging circumstances.
  • In India, there is a complete lock down. Although the Government has identified Jacobi as an “essential” industry, it is practically impossible for us to run our plants. As soon as transportation gets back to normal, we can restart the plants. We expect this to take 2-3 weeks. Our team is in close contact with the authorities with the aim of getting back to normal operations as soon as possible. Also, our supply for ion exchange resins from India may temporarily be disrupted.
  • In the Philippines, Vietnam and Japan, we are currently operating without disruptions, but under challenging circumstances.
  • Your Jacobi representative will stay in close touch with you to understand your changing needs and communicate about any potential supply delays, in order to make sure that we can continue meeting your needs. Pro-active communication is of absolute importance to make sure we can anticipate and serve you best.


Temporary Price Surcharge

While our Supply Chain team is re-allocating production in the best way possible to mitigate the forced shut-downs, we face disruptions in the supply chain/logistics and incur additional costs to secure supply. That is why we have to implement an immediate – but temporary – surcharge on the prices of our complete product portfolio. Your representative will be in touch with you in the coming week with the details. This will be implemented as of April 1 , 2020 and comes on top of the earlier announced price increase. For now, this measure will be valid for Q2. In the course of June, we will decide whether or not the surcharge will have to be prolonged.


Business Contingency, Management & Communications

Our Global Crisis Management Team continues to assess and map the risks, develop and implement back-up solutions, decide on priorities, and coordinate communication. Our contingency plan covers each step in the supply chain: raw material and critical supplies, manufacturing, logistics, and customer demand. All our activities are geared toward sustaining Security of Supply to our Key Customers.

Early on, we ordered all of our office teams to work from home if their work allowed it. We are not traveling any longer and have turned our face-to-face meetings into virtual meetings. Fortunately, technology is supporting us to stay closely connected with each other and with you. I have asked our Sales & Customer Service teams to remain close to you in order to continue offering our support in the best way possible.

We fully realize that the situation is changing fast and we need to be agile. That is why we want to stay close to you and understand your challenges. Communication and transparency are required to make this happens. Frequent updates are needed to anticipate and continue serving you in the best way possible. That is why I will continue my weekly updates until the situation has normalized again.

“In all countries where we operate, we keep close relationships with the local authorities and communities. This enables us to work closely with them to help contain the spread of the virus and continue our operations in a safe manner.

Overall, we are well-positioned to manage this difficult period. So far, we have limited supply disruptions. Our plants work closely together to back each other up. I am proud of our teams keeping up the work of serving our customers. We have a great team of people and a very robust supply chain. We can do this together!”

Stay safe.
Take good care.

Remko Goudappel




Remko Goudappel CEO
Jacobi Carbons AB



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