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A brief update from Jacobi Group,

The world is facing a tremendous challenge trying to contain the spread of the Corona virus and managing the consequences of the pandemic, with many people experiencing feelings of anxiety and a sense of helplessness. The Jacobi team is determined to make it through this crisis and support you to come out strongly. This message is to keep you updated on the actions  the Jacobi team is taking in order to stay safe and continue serving you across the world.

When the crisis started to impact businesses in February, our first priority was to keep our people safe. After imposing an early travel ban to and from China and taking drastic measures following Government instructions, we found a way back to operations. I am very pleased to share that our Chinese operations are fully operational again.

Asia Manufacturing
As you may know, most of our production plants are in Asia. Our sites in India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan work closely together to make sure that we can secure supply. As of now, we do not expect lengthy full shut downs. Having large stocks of product in progress and a wide network to source raw materials, we do not expect major delays or shortfalls of capacity, but there will be delays due to the overall limitation of movement of people and goods.

In Europe, public life has been largely restricted. Curfews in France, Italy, Spain and Germany have led to lock down of services that are not essential for public supply. However, our teams are coping with the situation and working closely with the authorities to continue operating in a safe manner. . Our experience in China helps us deal with the situation.

Our sites in the UK, Sweden, Spain and Germany are fully operational. In Italy and France, operations are also maintained, with a prioritisation of orders from customers that supply to essential industries. In Italy, we received the news that we are considered a “critical industry” by the Italian authorities, serving critical sector applications. This means that we are allowed to continue operations in a controlled manner as we did in the past few weeks.

Our USA facility is operational and is completely following the government rules for hygiene and social distancing. In spite of restrictions imposed in certain states to control the situation, we are able to keep our warehouses operational which enables us to keep up with supply. We are closely monitoring port activity and shipping lines as well and have contingency plans in place in case we face a sudden lock down situation.


Contingency Plan
We have set up a global Crisis Management Team which constantly assess and map the risks, develop and implement back-up solutions, decides on priorities, and coordinates communication. Our contingency plan covers each step in the supply chain: raw material and critical supplies, manufacturing, logistics, and customer demand. All our activities are geared towards sustaining security of supply to our Key Customers.

Understanding how demand evolves is equally important: our sales teams remain in close contact with all customers, and their reports are shared (as always) with all the Management team and taken into account as we continue to refine our contingency plan going forward. We may also offer you alternative products from inventory, if required to serve you quicker in the current context.


Early on, we have ordered all our office teams to work from home if the work allows it, banned travelling and turned face-to-face meetings into . virtual meetings. Fortunately, technology is supporting us to stay closely connected and work together using our fully integrated ERP and quality systems. I’ve asked our Sales & Customer Service teams to work closely to you in order to offer our support in the best way possible.


We fully realise that the situation is dynamic, and we need to be agile. That is why we want to stay in close contact with our customer and understand your challenges. Communication and transparency are required to make this happen. Frequent updates are needed to anticipate and continue serving you in the best way possible, please check back on our website or social media for further updates or contact your Jacobi representative.


In all countries where we operate, we keep close relationships with the local authorities and communities. This enables us to work closely with them to help contain the spread of the virus and continue our operations in a safe manner.

Overall, we are well-positioned to manage this difficult period. So far, we have limited supply disruptions. Our plants work closely together to back each other up. I am proud of our teams keeping up the work of serving our customers. We have a great team of people and a very robust supply chain. We can do this together! Remko Goudappel, CEO of Jacobi Group


We would like to thank all of our customers for your understanding and co-operation during this difficult time, should you have any queries or need any help for anything at all then please contact your Jacobi business representative and we will do our best to assist.

Stay safe, we will get through this.

Jacobi Group

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