Automotive wheel

In today’s competitive market, vehicle manufacturers face a variety of challenges with respect to the capture of organic compounds. Increasingly stringent emissions regulations require efficient removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the vehicle, mileage standards impact the size and weight of vehicles (thus impacting the design of air filters used in the vehicle), and consumers continue to demand improved driving experiences (driven in part by air quality within the vehicle cabin). Auto makers must meet all of these demands while producing vehicles that are price competitive to consumers.

Applications for the Automotive Industry


Evaporative Loss Canisters

The automotive industry continues to face more stringent challenges with regard to gasoline vapour emissions from engines. To comply with these regulations, vehicles are equipped with an Evaporative Loss Control Device (ELCD) using activated carbon. Carbons used in this service must possess excellent gasoline working capacities to maintain high capacity through thousands of regeneration cycles, have a low density to minimize the canister weight, provide particle size ranges that optimize air flow characteristics through the canister, and have strong particle durability and strength. Jacobi’s EcoSorb™ FX Series carbons are designed to meet these needs, and are available in granular and pelletized forms.

Cabin Air Filters

Once restricted to luxury automobiles only, filters designed to remove undesired odours and other contaminants from the air entering the cabins of vehicles are becoming more commonplace, as consumers demand this feature in their vehicles. Carbons designed for this service must maintain a high capacity for the removal of organic compounds, often at low concentrations, while maintaining particle integrity and allowing for proper flow distribution. Jacobi’s EcoSorb™ MB Series and C Series carbons provide the high capacity requirement in this application.

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